Personal Development

Personal Development Time takes place each morning, there is a timetable in place and it is led by the Personal Tutors.

The aim of Personal Development Time is to provide the pupils with a structured and engaging start to the day that allows for knowledge to be built up on matters outside of the curriculum. Within Personal Development Time a range of activities take place over the two weeks. Themed presentations which allow discussion on matters such as; the structure and workings of our government, healthy eating and internet safety.

A quiz on topics ranging from events in school, popular culture and national events. These quizzes are completed in House Groups which allows for House Points to be earned by the winning group from each form.

There is also an emphasis on current affairs in Personal Development Time. It is considered important for the pupils to be aware of the local and wider community and stories are looked at from a national and international perspective. By covering current affairs discussion is prompted and well round individuals are created with an understanding of the world they live in.

Pupils also have the chance within Personal Development Time to read and attempt numeracy challenges promoting and developing literacy and numerical skills.

Mrs H Clarke – Teacher i/c of PDT

Mrs E Russell – Teacher of Personal Development / Assistant Headteacher

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