Personal Development


At GHS, our personal development curriculum offers our pupils many opportunities to grow as active, healthy and engaged citizens, who are morally responsible and socially aware.

Personal Development Curriculum Organisation and Delivery

  • Our aims for personal development curriculum are achieved through:
    • Dedicated curriculum time (PSHE and PDT programme)
    • Use of external agencies & support groups, where applicable & appropriate
    • High attendance rates
    • Positive response from pupil & parent feedback
    • Student leadership programmes, including student council, and pupil voice
    • Extensive support, including House structure, health and wellbeing and pastoral care
    • Extensive extra-curricular programmes in many areas
    • Equal opportunity for all
    • Enrichment Days for years 7 to 11 reinforce the curriculum provision and are published in the calendar. These are delivered by outside agencies and by internal staff.
    • Through Enrichment Days and activities from Y7 – 11 developing the values of enterprise and employability skills
    • Through form and House activities which further enhances the work of personal development and well-being
    • Through our rewards and achievement policy

At GHS our students work hard to develop their character, confidence and resilience through a variety of different activities and challenges. During lessons achievement points can be gained by students for demonstrating positive character traits such as perseverance and determination rather than just high attainment scores, and students are routinely encouraged to adopt a growth mindset when tackling new challenges.

Students model positive character traits through their responsibilities as Angels, leadership schemes and as members of the school council and pupil leadership team.  Our students participate in an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, demonstrating a curiosity to cultivate new interests and grasp diverse opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Our Inclusion Group meet regularly to promote a message of anti-prejudice throughout school. Accomplishments are celebrated collectively during form time, House assemblies and Head’s Breakfasts.

At GHS our motto is ‘Inspire, Care, Achieve’ and we know that there is far more to school than simply passing exams.  We provide an extensive programme of wider opportunities to ensure all our students regularly have opportunities to enjoy new experiences, develop character, build personal skills and ignite a passion for, and enjoyment of, learning.

Our enrichment day activities serve to further learning and personal development.  Drop down days happen several times a year with each year group undertaking activities based around a subject area such as STEM or languages. Pupils have the opportunity to learn skills such as first aid as well as work with outside agencies such as The Sophie Lancaster Trust and Daisy UK Disability group.

Many students take part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, achieving both the Bronze and Silver award. Both sports day and the school show are also key opportunities for students to cultivate character, confidence and resilience and promote camaraderie amongst the school community.

In addition to all of the above, we also have an ambitious calendar of activities through our House system which are intended to foster character, develop our core values, and create opportunities for volunteering and charity work. Pupils all belong to one of seven Houses and House Leaders and Captains organise a range of events including quizzes, sporting events and the Talent Show. Our annual Sports Day is also an opportunity for students to represent their House in a range of areas.

Above and beyond , we also offer an expansive and varied optional programme of extra-curricular events.  These include sports teams, inter-school competitions, day trips and of course, residentials. Students are offered a number of opportunities to travel internationally, including visits to Berlin and CERN in Switzerland. For those wanting to stay closer to home, there are residentials to PGL in Shropshire as well as theatre and museum trips.

Personal Development Time takes place each morning, there is a timetable in place and it is led by the Personal Tutors.

The aim of Personal Development Time is to provide the pupils with a structured and engaging start to the day that allows for knowledge to be built up on matters outside of the curriculum. Within Personal Development Time a range of activities take place over the two weeks. Themed presentations which allow discussion on matters such as; the structure and workings of our government, healthy eating and internet safety.

A quiz on topics ranging from events in school, popular culture and national events. These quizzes are completed in House Groups which allows for House Points to be earned by the winning group from each form.

There is also an emphasis on current affairs in Personal Development Time. It is considered important for the pupils to be aware of the local and wider community and stories are looked at from a national and international perspective. By covering current affairs discussion is prompted and well round individuals are created with an understanding of the world they live in.  Pupils also have the chance within Personal Development Time to read and attempt numeracy challenges promoting and developing literacy and numerical skills.


The Personal Development Curriculum at Greenbank High School

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