Greenbank High School as part of Southport Learning Trust is committed to supporting the Professional Development of all teaching and support staff. Our aim is to develop within all of our schools, a collaborative environment which encourages innovation and promotes professional learning.

All staff in the Trust are involved in a range of professional development activities, supported by a blended learning approach consisting of face to face training and E-learning opportunities.   These activities include:

If improving the effectiveness of teaching opens the door to raising pupil achievement, CPD holds the promise of acting as a key. John Hattie’s influential research in “Visible Learning: A Synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to pupil achievement” reflects the importance of CPD, showing how it features in the top 20 of practices analysed, with a large effect size of 0.62 on pupil achievement.


CPD has the potential to raise the bar and close the gap in attainment for our disadvantaged students.


Through providing dynamic professional learning experiences for staff, Our CPD programme is planned to deepen and further the knowledge and expertise of staff at all stages of their careers. The DFE explains how:

“High-quality professional development requires workplaces to be steeped in rigorous scholarship, with professionals continually developing and supporting each other so that pupils benefit from the best possible teaching.”  

DFE: Standards for Teacher’s Professional Development 2016

In 2017-18, all of our staff were involved in classroom inquiry based research. Pease see the link below for a summary of the individual research projects which were undertaken:

In addition, our staff are further supported by Voluntary CPD sessions delivered on a wide range of topics by staff from across the Trust.


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