School Meals – 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

Greenbank High School is implementing a cashless catering solution from 1 September 2020.

Pupils will not be able to access the canteen before school or at break. The only option available at lunch will be a meal deal that will need to be pre-booked at

All lunchtime orders will need to be pre-booked on a weekly basis in advance. Orders for the first week are due by 27th August. The weeks following will be due one week in advance, lunches for the week of 7th September will need to be made by midnight Sunday 30thth August, lunches for the week of 14th by the midnight Sunday 6th etc.

You will need to sign up for a ParentPay account for your child. If you do not have a ParentPay account please email and our team will send you a ParentPay activation code. Pupils who are eligible for free school meals will still need to make their lunchtime selection choice on a weekly basis using Parent Pay. The school will credit the daily allowance of £2.45 to each eligible Parent Pay account. If you are not currently on Free School Meals you can check your eligibility

Lunch are £2.45 per day which will include as an example, Hot meal or Sandwich / drink / cake or fruit. Lunches for 5 days will be £12.25 per week. You will need to credit your Parent Pay account at the price of £2.45 per day x the number of days you are ordering food for per week, eg 4 days x £2.45 = £9.80

How much do I need to credit to my Parent Pay Account?

Amount per day No. of Days per week Total Cost to credit to P Pay
£2.45 1 £2.45
£2.45 2 £4.90
£2.45 3 £7.35
£2.45 4 £9.80
£2.45 5 £12.25

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