There are numerous enrichment days throughout each school year and these allow for the academic curriculum to be enhanced and for opportunities to be given to the students outside of the curriculum that they may not have a chance to experience otherwise.

Each faculty and Progress Leader offers a range of stimulating and unique activities to pupils across both key stages.

The enrichment activities include visits to; Quarry Bank Mill, Chester Zoo, the theatre and a Shropshire River Study. Pupils are given the opportunity to try Design Technology activities they have not tried before as well as new musical instruments. There are also enterprise opportunities that cover; setting up your own political party, designing a healthy eating menu and establishing your own business. In Key Stage 4 they are also given the chance to visit colleges and universities along with gaining invaluable advice on study skills.

Please see below for quotes from the pupils about their experiences on enrichment days:

‘I enjoyed making cupcakes; it taught us how to work as a team’

In years 7-9 Enrichment Days help build confidence and in years 10 and 11 they help prepare you for your exams and after’

‘I like that on Enrichment Days you never do the same thing twice!’

‘I think the RE visit to Liverpool was the best because it taught me about different places of worship.’

‘There is lots of variety on Enrichment Days from music to visits outside school’

‘I really enjoyed the music days as it was fun to experience something different but still educational’

‘Visits are good because we get to go see and experience things rather than just learning about them in school’

‘The visit to Quarry Bank Mill was good because I really got the feel of what life used to be like working in a mill’

‘The dance day was my favourite because I enjoyed it and it gave me a taster of what GCSE dance would be like’

‘Enterprise days are definitely the best Enrichment Days’

‘I enjoyed the RAF day because it made me think about what I wanted as a future career’

‘Maths Industry Day was good because you learnt a lot and developed skills like team work’.