The House System

In 2012 the House System was revamped and reintroduced to the school after many years of absence.  There were 6 Houses, all named for inspirational women who have had a lasting impact in their respective fields.  In 2020, it was decided to introduce a 7th House and pupils voted for whom the new House Patron should be.  Christiana Hartley was their choice.


Charlotte Bronte: Literary role model who wrote Jane Eyre in a time when women authors were ignored or frowned upon.

House Leader: Mr. P. Wildman

Colour: Purple

Marie Curie: The only women to win 2 Nobel Prizes in the different fields of physics and chemistry.

House Leader: Mrs. B. Nolan

Colour: Dark blue

Audrey Hepburn: Academy Award winning actress, fashion icon and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

House Leader: Mrs. A. Moran

Colour: Turquoise

Helen Keller: The first deaf-blind person to be awarded a BA degree. An outspoken political activist and author.

House Leader: Mrs. T. Powsey

Colour:  Burgundy

Emmeline Pankhurst: Head of the Suffragette movement who campaigned for women’s rights.

House Leader: Mr. G. Whittle

Colour: Orange

Mary Seacole: A British-Jamaican nurse who set up a hospital behind the lines in the Crimean War.

House Leader: Ms. A. Gouldbourne

Colour: Yellow

Christiana Hartley:  First female Mayor of Southport, fought for social and welfare rights, especially for women and founder of the local maternity hospital.

House Leader: Miss C Marsh

Colour: Lilac

From September 2020 pupils in each form will all be members of the same house, along with their form tutor.  Form letters will identify which house a pupil is in.  For example, pupils in 7B will be in Bronte House, pupils in 8H will be in Hartley House.  Pupils in Audrey Hepburn House will have the form letter A.  Year 7 pupils are all issued with a pin badge in their house colour to wear throughout their time in school.

All achievement points which pupils earn count towards the total for their own House.

Points may be awarded for:

  • Excellent effort and contributions in class
  • Following the ‘Greenbank Way’ correctly
  • Having the right equipment/uniform
  • Attendance & punctuality
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Service to school and members of the school community
  • Leadership
  • Partaking in specialised school events/competitions

House Leaders are supported by House staff and pupils who volunteer to help. One House Captain and two Vice-Captains will be allocated from each form. These pupils play a big role in making sure events and activities happen, provide ideas and support, take part in assemblies and act as role models to the rest of the school.

Through the year, there are events held which all pupils have the opportunity to join in and work together as a House and compete to earn extra points.

These include:

  • House Talent Show
  • Inter- House Sports
  • Times Table Rock Stars
  • Creative Writing Competition
  • Poetry Competition
  • Art Competition
  • Bake Off
  • Topical quizzes during PDT

Points very quickly accumulate and every half term up until Easter, during regular House assemblies, certificates and prizes are awarded to the pupils who have gained the most points for their House by year group.  At the end of the year in July, final prizes are awarded to the overall House Champions and the House Cup is presented to the House with the winning total.  Pupils in that House enjoy a fun afternoon off timetable and treats as reward for all their hard work over the previous months.

A massive part of the House system is raising funds for charity. Each House chooses its own to support. Some stay the same annually, but some of the Houses choose to change on a yearly basis and it is the girls themselves who decide on this.

At present they include:

  • UNICEF (Hepburn)
  • Southport Offshore Rescue Trust (Bronte)
  • Evergreen Blossom Academy, Ghana (Pankhurst)
  • Queenscourt Hospice (Hartley)
  • BEAT (Keller)
  • Liverpool Women’s Honeysuckle Appeal (Seacole)
  • British Heart Foundation (Curie)

Fund raising can be individual to each House or sometimes a joint venture. All are aware that every penny they raise can make a difference, but over recent years thousands of pounds have been raised and very gratefully received by the nominated charities.

Fund raising activities may include:

  • Sales of cakes/pancakes/popcorn/lollies/ice pops etc.
  • Sponsored events (skipping, runs, etc.)
  • Tombola
  • Raffles
  • Bucket collections

New ideas are always welcome and considered.