Parents and Carers’ Consultation Evenings


The annual Parent/Carers’ consultation evenings will be taking place on the following dates between 4.00pm and 7.30pm.

Year                    Parents’ Consultation Evenings Dates
7                              Thursday 11th February 2021
8                              Wednesday 17th March 2021
9                              Thursday 25th March 2021
10                            Thursday 12th November 2020
11                            Wednesday 21st October 2020

Please use the website

Or click on the link below to register and make your appointments.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic all appoinments will be via online video.  Should you require any assistance booking your appointments or have difficulty accessing online video links please contact the school office on 01704 567591 and they will make appointments for you.

See also the link below for further guidance on how to book appointments and access the online video meetings.

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