On Wednesday 30th January all of Year 7 spent the day visiting three local Churches, Liverpool Road Methodist Church, Grosvenor Road United Reformed Church and Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church.

The pupils had an opportunity in each to look at, feel and touch some of the key features within the Church, ask questions to members of the Church community and to the leader of the Church. For some of the pupils, it was an opportunity to see inside a Church building for the first time and an experience of learning about both the sacraments that take place as well as the social and community aspects of the daily running of the Churches.

‘I really enjoyed going to the Churches because it was very interesting. Also, I learnt a lot about how they are all different, some were very big and one was very small. My favourite was the Methodist Church as it was the most different to what I had seen before. Devon Mault, Yr 7 Pupil.

I really enjoyed going to the different Churches because I felt relaxed and calm and I also liked the quietness. I also liked learning about how Churches are all very different. Amy Williams, Yr 7 Pupil.