Greenbank High School has been re-accredited with the British Council International Schools Award in July 2019.  The judging committee commented, “Your school is clearly committed to embedding an international and dimension to your curriculum and whole-school ethos. This is demonstrated by your nine international activities, which cover a range of different subject areas and age groups throughout the year, enabling your students to learn about different countries, cultures and languages in a curriculum-based context, as well as accessing some key issues, such as in the “Sweatshop Activity”. Your Anne Frank Ambassadors are providing direct influence across the school to combat racial prejudice and promote an appreciation of cultural diversity. Your Visit to CERN provides international flavour and motivation for your STEM learners. Your international dimension is well managed and coordinated to enrich different curriculum areas and dovetail with strategic planning and key priorities, such as your UNICEF Rights Respecting School focus. Your links with schools in France and Ghana are providing rich learning experiences for both students and teachers. Collaboration is reciprocal and dynamic, both during visits, in which students work together with their international partners, and also via letter and email exchange. Your students clearly enjoy finding out first-hand about life in France and Ghana, sparking comparative study and reflection via the intercultural exchange. Information is well disseminated across the school Your Impact Evaluation is detailed and insightful. Your students are gaining knowledge and awareness of other countries and countries as well as developing citizenship attitudes and attributes via the intercultural interaction with your partner schools in Ghana and France. They are forming international friendships, and attainment in MFL is benefitting from the direct communication with partners in France. Your students are clearly curious and motivated to learn about the wider world. You also acknowledge the benefits of international work for staff professional development in terms of developed curriculum planning skills to incorporate issues, and also the opportunity to visit schools in other countries, improve foreign language skills and gain an insight into other education systems. Local community groups and members are well informed about your international dimension via regular updates and displays. You are in a good position to fulfil the required ambassadorial role via MFL networks and the Global Leaders group, in which you can share your experiences and expertise in the area of international school linking and curriculum-based projects, as well as offering support for other schools progressing towards International School Award accreditation. You have good plans to sustain and further develop your international links and visits, and to explore new opportunities for your students’ intercultural understanding, such as visits from Spanish students. Congratulations to all at Greenbank High School who have been involved in this achievement in the 20th Anniversary Year of the International School Award! “