Information for Parents and Carers 27th August 2020

As we approach the start of term please find some minor updates to the reopening letter which was sent out in July and can be found on the previous news post. The bulk of the information regarding reopening is in this letter and we have attached the original letter which includes start dates and times.

Since that date, there has been a few updates to the government guidance which we are taking into account with our planning and there are some other aspects which have come to our attention either via parent communication or as we have gone through the process of preparing the school building for pupils to return:

  • We are a face-mask friendly school and rather than waiting to respond to any local out breaks and to build confidence in our community we have taken the decision to ask that all pupils and staff wear a face mask when transiting between classrooms. We expect that most of you will already have these for your child in order for them to travel on public transport and go into shops but we will also have a supply in school. Pupils do not have to wear masks in lessons but are welcome to if they would prefer to do so. If pupils are wearing reusable masks we would ask that they are washed regularly.
  • The normal supported bus service operated through Merseytravel will be running to and from school and times can be found by viewing the attached timetable. It is compulsory for pupils to wear face masks while travelling unless they carry an exemption letter. As this is a school supported service pupils do not have to socially distance.  The government is encouraging parents and carers to find alternative routes to school through walking and cycling. Please see the section on cycling to school at the end of this letter.
  • We have opted to delay the older year groups coming into school each day due to them being able to be more independent in coming to school. However, if your child is in Year 10 or 11 and needs to arrive sooner due to transport or looking after younger siblings then they will be asked to wait in the sports hall or gym area whilst the other year groups come into school and wash their hands.
  • Cleaning of hands needs to take place whenever pupils change classroom, before and after eating and on entry and exit to school. Where handwashing is not available, e.g. between lessons, pupils will need to sanitise their hands. Hand sanitiser will be available in every room but pupils may also wish to bring their own to use, particularly if they have sensitive skin and need a particular brand or type.
  • For pupils studying food and nutrition, they will now need to bring an apron to school on the days when they have a practical lesson. This will not apply on the first day and pupils will be reminded of this. This will be for all pupils in Years 7 and 8 and those in Year 9 who have opted for this subject.
  • Thank you to parents who have ordered food from the canteen as per the previous Parentmail. Please note that the deadline is tonight on Parentpay for making meal choices for next week if your daughter is not bringing a packed lunch.
  • A huge part of containing the spread of coronavirus relies on the Test and Trace Being part of the school community we all need to play our part in this. Below is the latest information to follow:

If your child develops symptoms

  1. Your child needs to isolate immediately if symptomatic with any of the following and should not come to school, if a child is at school and develops symptoms, you will be contacted to collect your child:
    1. High temperature
    2. New continuous cough
    3. Loss or change of taste or smell
  2. Inform the school that your child has symptom(s) via the main phone number 01704 567591. The rest of your household also needs to isolate until a test result is returned.
  3. Book a test and take this as soon as possible. Inform the school of the result.
  4. A negative test – if well, return to school. If poorly, then continue to stay off school until your child is better. Other household members can stop self-isolating.
  5. A positive test – self-isolate for 10 days from the onset of the symptoms. After the isolation period, if a high temperature remains then stay off school, if cough or loss of taste/smell then can return. Other household members need to isolate for 14 days. If a child or member of staff has a positive test result then we will contact the Local Health Protection Team, they will help us to carry out a risk assessment and trace if any other pupils or staff also need to isolate. We will inform you if this is the case.

If someone your child lives with has symptoms

  1. Your child must stay off school and self-isolate. Please inform school of this.
  2. Make sure that the symptomatic person accesses a test as soon as possible.
  3. A negative test – your child can stop self-isolating and return to school. Follow guidance above if symptoms appear.
  4. A positive test – self-isolate for 14 days from the onset of the symptoms. Follow guidance above if symptoms appear
  • To help in reducing sharing equipment and as per the final assembly, please add a glue stick and scissors to the list of equipment that your child brings to school. Pupils should also bring a mask and hand sanitiser.
  • If you intend for your child to access lunch from the canteen then this needs to be paid for and pre-ordered in advance as per the information sent out earlier this month, otherwise pupils should bring a packed lunch. For pupils who are in receipt of free school meals then they should also pre-order their lunch by using the same system. A snack and drink should be brought to school for the morning.
  • A reminder that pupils will not have access to lockers, that full school uniform is expected on return and that all rules need to be adhered to. We do not expect to be speaking to pupils about hair colour or nails which go against the school dress code, which is attached , and would be an unnecessary distraction from getting back to the high standards and routines of learning at school. Please make sure that your child has hair, nails, make up and uniform and jewellery in line with the policy for the first day of school.
  • Please complete the attached survey if your child has been in a country which will require a quarantine period extending into the start of the new term. If this is the case then your child will need to remain at home and complete their learning via Firefly.
  • We know that there has been a big increase in the number of children using bikes and support their use as a way to get to school. If your child intends to come to school on a bike then please let us know on the attached survey so that we can make sure there is sufficient access for them. Pupils will need to provide their own locks.

Finally and most importantly, we look forward to welcoming all pupils to school next week.  We appreciate that whilst most will be very keen to return, there will be others who may be feeling anxious and we will be doing all that we can to support and welcome pupils back. We thank you for your support in helping children be ready to return.