Curriculum News 04/09/18

Battlefields tour

Year ten pupils Olivia and Issy were Greenbank’s representatives on the government funded University College of London Battlefields Tour, earlier this month. We travelled to Belgium and France to remember those that sacrificed so much in World War One and to further the legacy of remembrance in Greenbank.

On the tour, the pupils visited battlefield sites such as Newfoundland and Neuve Chapelle. As well as this, they went to museums on key battles of the war, such as Memorial Museum Passchendaele, to experience the layout of a trench. By visiting Commonwealth Cemeteries it highlighted why it is known as a world war due the involvement of so many countries such as India, Canada and New Zealand.  Additionally, a very poignant moment of the tour was the visit to the Menin Gate to witness the Last Post. The Menin Gate is the entrance to Ypres and this was the route thousands of soldiers took, to reach the front line.

The tour has added to the pupils understanding of trench war fare and medical developments in the conflict, which closely links to their History GCSE.  They are eager to pass on their knowledge and to remember the sacrifice of those who fought in World War One. Both Issy and Olivia have found this trip extremely humbling, below is their personal account of the trip.

“At the beginning of November we went on a life changing battlefields tour in France and Belgium. Over the packed four days, our understanding of World War One changed drastically. As a result of the visits to cemeteries, information centres and museums our appreciation and understanding for the soldiers who fought for us, became even greater. Throughout the whole experience, we felt extreme empathy for the soldiers as the crisp air surrounded us whilst we walked through the trenches of the Battle of the Somme and muddy fields of Ypres. On top of this, during a research activity we actually found out about a soldier from Southport named William German. We dedicated a tribute to him at the Tyne Cot memorial with a remembrance cross which was very emotional for us, as we saw his name printed on a panel of the missing. From this opportunity, we hope to keep Remembrance alive at Greenbank, by enriching other people with our experiences and ensuring that honouring our warriors of war is not just once a year.”

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Congratulations to all Year 11 students who exhibited at our 5th Annual Art and Photography Exhibition

Dance Show

On 5th July we saw a fantastic display of dance talent from Primary school children to alumni in our summer dance show. Well done to all who performed with such talent and enthusiasm.

Vienna Calling! – Music Concert

On 10th July we held our summer music concert entitled ‘Vienna Calling’. The concert was a wonderful display of musical talent either through ensembles, the orchestra or the largest number of soloists we have ever had performing. Congratulations to all musicians in Year 9 who received either a merit or distinction in their recent music theory exams.

Maths Study Visit

On Thursday 12th July forty Year 9 pupils travelled to London on Greenbank’s first residential maths trip. Our first stop was the British Museum before walking to the West End to enjoy the Lion King. Friday started with a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral and a climb up the 528 steps to reach the top and take in the stunning sights of London. We then travelled to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory where we saw the prime meridian and gazed at the stars in the planetarium. After a walk through Greenwich, we then took a boat ride to Westminster and enjoyed more fantastic views on the London Eye. Finally on Saturday we made a stop on the way home to Bletchley Park, which was the central site for British Codebreakers during World War II. We would like to thank all the pupils on this trip for their exemplary behaviour and showing great maturity throughout.

CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) Physics Study Visit

Thirty pupils took part in a Year 10 physics study visit to CERN in Switzerland, the largest physics experiment in the world. A whole day was spent in CERN with lectures detailing from its inception to date. A visit to the United Nations building in Geneva was equally interesting. Pupils were given a guided tour and pupils were able to sit in committee rooms that had been seen on television, where world leaders sit and discuss events that affect us all. The visit will hopefully inspire pupils to either work in politics or physics!

Boulogne French Study Visit

Boulogne 2018 was an amazing cultural trip to a foreign country. My friends and I had the time of our lives, it was like a holiday, but with school. After we got to France we went for breakfast which gave us a boost for the rest of the day. I absolutely loved going shopping in the little village street and the aquarium which was the coolest and the biggest aquarium I have ever been to. The food was also really nice, especially the bread from the bakery which we learnt how to make, all explained to us in French. This trip was the best trip I have been on in Year 7. Beth – Year 7

Spanish Visit to Madrid

This year sixty pupils in Year 9 and 10 studying Spanish GCSE have been writing pen pal letters to our link school, I.E.S. Gregorio Prieto, the letters have been related to the new GCSE and mainly been on the topics of Self, Family and Friends, School, and Travel and Tourist Transactions.

Pupils involved have written half Spanish/ half English so it served as a reading and writing exercise. They have also been in contact using social media, exchanging songs and local news with their pen pal.

The Spanish department decided to run a trip to Madrid and approached the school to ask if we could visit and at the same time meet the pupils who had been in contact with each other over the course of several months. Forty of the pupils took part. The aim was to actively engage in Spanish for a real purpose outside of the classroom, to observe the similarities and differences in the respective school days and to meet their pen pal. The day in the school was a huge success. The Spanish pen pals met their partner and showed them around the school. The group divided in two and one group first went to the kitchens where they translated a Spanish recipe for magdalenas (muffins) and then in groups made them. The other half did a getting to know you session in the gym playing games and break the ice type activities which involved them trying to converse in Spanish.

Then the groups switched activities. The final activity was a dance lesson led by an older pupil to teach merengue. All pupils were engaged and really happy to meet their pen pal. The day was brought to a close with a lunch that had been prepared by pupils at the Spanish school who were studying a catering course. The farewells were quite emotional even after one day and all agreed that it was worth the 2 hour drive from Madrid. It was in fact the highlight of the trip.

The follow up is to arrange an exchange as pupils have now met their pen pal and have a better understanding of what it is like to visit a foreign school.