Further to our update yesterday, we are continuing to plan for school closures which come in to place from Monday 23rd March. Provision for learning has been taught to pupils in assembly and throughout the week and instructions sent to you via Parentmail on Tuesday so please refer to this for guidance. Please note that this will also be available on the Latest News section of our website.

Pupils entitled to schooling following closure:

The government has yet to define groups of key workers but to date has issued this statement:-

“Examples of these workers include NHS staff, police and supermarket delivery drivers who need to be able to go to work to support the country’s fight to tackle coronavirus. Vulnerable children include those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plans – a legal document that describes a child’s special educational needs and the support they require.”

Tomorrow we will contact all parents who identified on the survey that they are key workers and would require childcare during the forced closure period. If, following on from reading this statement you also feel that you come under this category and will require childcare then please get in touch with our reception desk (01704 567590) or via our email enquiries@greenbankhigh.co.ukTo qualify for a school place during this time, both parents would be employed as key workers or a single parent would be a key worker with no other parent sharing childcare responsibilities. Pupils who will also qualify for a school place are those who have an Educational Health Care Plan and those pupils who are under the care of social services; the carers’ and parents’ of these pupils have been contacted to discuss this.

Today has been particularly upsetting for Year 11 pupils who are now aware that the summer exams have been cancelled. At this stage, we do not know the planned response from the government and will of course update as soon as we know. There are a number of possibilities which could happen and these include using teacher assessment and current work to inform grades and re-scheduling of examinations. Our advice at the moment is to continue to keep preparing for their examinations. We have told Year 11 that they can bring in an additional shirt for signing tomorrow and are arranging an afternoon to come together. At the moment we have no plans to cancel the prom but should this situation arise we would look to reorganise it at a later stage, this will include a leavers’ assembly so any pupils who are currently self-isolating will also have the opportunity to get leavers’ books and shirts signed.

For Year 10 pupils, the exams in English Literature and RE will not take place this summer. Our advice therefore is to continue to prepare for all subject areas and we will issue additional guidance once we have the full picture.

We have a number of trips due to take place. For day visits, refunds will be issued as soon as possible via ParentPay and for overseas or residential trips we will be in touch shortly regarding the next steps. Please be reassured that our understanding at the moment is that the Department for Education will not allow trips to go if there is a risk to pupils and staff health and they will also provide refunds should they need to be cancelled.

The following posts provide helpful information from Young Minds about how to discuss Covid-19 with your child:



I realise this is an unprecedented situation we find ourselves in and I hope your family stays safe during this period.

Please continue to follow the Government Guidance for Covid19. All students who are currently absent in self-isolation must continue to follow this protocol and cannot come in tomorrow. Any students reported as self-isolating due to a cough and/or fever and presenting in school will be sent home.

We will continue to support the wider community of Greenbank High School and fellow schools within our Trust as much as possible during this time.

Kind regards and take care all,

Ian Raikes