Dear Parents & Carers,

It was lovely to welcome the pupils back to school yesterday and great to see an excellent level of attendance and much lower levels currently of pupils needing to isolate than last half-term. Please  be aware that we were notified of a Year 8 pupil who has coronavirus and the child started with symptoms last Friday in  half term and had not been in contact with anyone for at least 48 hours prior to this so this does not require any further isolations in school.
You will no doubt all be aware that the new lockdown measures look set to come into place from Thursday. This should mean that the risk of infection will hopefully become less and we are delighted to be able to maintain provision and keep children in school. Of course we also want to make sure that we review our current measures and support in any way we can in reducing the risk of infection and I have gone through these with the children this morning via our virtual assembly.
I also wanted you to be aware of the key messages and to support if you can by reducing wherever possible the contact between pupils. It may be that some of you will be working from home and can bring your child to school for example and thus reduce the numbers and on public transport. We had a great deal in place which went above the statutory guidance from the start of term and so continuing to observe these measures which support the HANDS-FACE-SPACE message will be key:
  1. Make sure pupils wash hands thoroughly on entry to school, on entry to each new space and before eating.
  2. Keep windows and internal doors open to improve ventilation.
  3. Follow the one-way system
  4. Remind pupils about keeping their distance where possible, particularly when they are not supervised to and from school.
  5. Sanitising when required in areas used by different PODs.
In addition, we are also asking that pupils wear face masks in the classrooms of our staff who are particularly vulnerable as well as on corridors and when transiting between classes. This is part of the individual risk assessments for these staff and again I have explained this to the children this morning. This applies to a very small number of staff who will talk to their classes about this as they see them over the next few days.
We would also ask that if your child is themselves identified as clinically extremely vulnerable and this is not known to the school that you let us know via our email. We have care plans for the pupils in this category who we already know about in school.
Finally, I have also talked to the children about the importance of talking about the current situation with their peers and staff in school. We understand that whilst most will be pleased to be in school and learning there are others who will inevitably be feeling anxious. I have also advised children that if they want to wear masks more regularly such as in classroom then they are very welcome to if it helps them.
Take care all.
Ian Raikes
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